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Tyler Caldwell

Occupation: Project Manager for a marine construction company
Hometown: Born and raised in Baton Rouge, currently residing in Albany, LA
Years writing for M&B: 1 year
Favorite article (written for M&B): January 2021 Kayak Corner - Upcoming Tournament Season
Favorite outdoor activities? Kayak Fishing & Cooking
Top 3 bucket list fish: Tarpon from a kayak, Snook, Sailfish
Favorite time of the year: Spring
Favorite cocktail: Whiskey and Water or a good craft beer
Favorite restaurant: Blackened Brew in Hammond, LA
Favorite sports team: LSU
Favorite vacation spot:
Favorite band/artist: Cody Jinks
Last rod/reel purchased: Zook Rods custom rod paired with a Quantum Tour S3 baitcast reel
Dream retirement location: South Florida