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Ray Huntz

Occupation: Spice King/Alchemist for Deux Gars Bizarres Cajun Seasoning, Outdoor Writer

Hometown: NOLA
Years writing for M&B: 13
Favorite article (written for M&B): November 2020 whitetail article
Favorite outdoor activities? Deer/wild pig hunting and inshore saltwater fishing
Top 3 bucket list fish: 1 triple tail, 2 golden trout 3 steelhead
Favorite time of the year: Fall and winter 
Favorite cocktail: Single malt scotch, neat or cold beer
Favorite restaurant: Pete and Sam's Italian restaurant, the Rendezvous, Southside Cafe, Bosco's, Johnny
Sanchez, and, Central and Top's BBQ. You know I can't pick just one. 
Favorite sports team: Saints
Favorite vacation spot: Rocky Mountains, Texas Hill Country 
Favorite band/artist: ZZ Top 
Last rod/reel purchased: Ultra light spinning set up for sac a lait and rainbow trout
Dream retirement location: Southwest Montana or the Texas Hill Country 
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