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Johnny Manion

John Manion
Construction Management
Slidell, LA

I got started writing about the outdoors in 2009, when I was living across the street from Chris. After 11 years my most memorable story was spearfishing in Lake Ponchartrian. I could barely see the sheaphead we were hunting and I was pretty certain we were being hunted by bull sharks!

Duck hunting is my passion.  When the seasons over I’m spending my free time sight fishing for redfish. But still can’t pass up getting on trout under a cork.

Would like a “leopard redfish” for the wall. Obviously I’ll take any redfish with a boat attached. But my ultimate fish would be a coelacanth on handling!

Doesn’t get better than Thanksgiving, a holiday that’s about eating, weather’s usually cold, and duck season’s in full swing.

“John” Daniels in a styrofoam cup.

The bone-in ribeye at Mr. John’s Steakhouse.

Geaux Ti-gahs!

Generally anywhere with warm blue water! 

The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Picked up a Lews baitcaster after years of using a Calcutta. Technology is nice; really nice!

Guiding as a profession is a ton of work.  Spending any time with those guides you can see the grind. But I would really enjoy guiding in Venice while retired.  Hopefully we still have ducks by then!